Lindsay Lohan

Something That I Never Had(Chords)

Lindsay Lohan

Key: E5
d---------------|   play twice 
(Guitar riff is played throughout the verses or maybe strum E5 and C#) Verse: Do you see me? Do you feel me like I feel you Call your number, I cannot get through You don't hear me and I don't understand When I reach out, I don't find your hand Pre-chorus: E5 Were they wasted words? B5 And did they mean a thing A5 D5 A5 And all that precious time but I still feel in so between
E5 A5 Someday F#m D5 I just keep pretending E5 A5 F#m D5 That you'll stay, dreaming of a different ending E5 A5 F#m D5 I wanna hold on, but it hurts so bad E5 A5 F#m D5 E5 And I can't keep something that I never had
Verse 2 E5 I keep telling myself C# Things could turn around with time E5 And if I wait it out, you could always change your mind Like a fairytale C# Where it works out in the end E5 Can i close my eyes and have you lying here again Pre-chorus: E5 Then I come back down B5 then I play back in A5 D5 A5 and then I realize it's just what might happen (chorus) Bridge: C#m D5 A5 Am I a shadow on your wall, am I anything at all? F#m Anything to you... C#m D5 Am I a secret that you keep? A5 B Do you dream me while you sleeping after all? (Chorus) E5 A5 F#m D5 Wanna hold on, but it hurts so bad E5 A5 F#m D5 And I can't keep something that I never had (play intro and verse riff again) Outro: You don't see me, you don't feel me like I feel you.... Please rate and feel free to correct anything. :)

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