Lindsay Lohan

If It's All Right(Chords)

Lindsay Lohan

Key: Am
            Am              Am2 
I should`ve know the day we met 
     Am/F#                              Am2 
the way you turned and waved at me i never will forget 
    Am                Am2         Am/F# 
two years later whoda guessed that we would make it this far 
just to put it all the rest 

             Am             F 
And if it's all right I'll stay until it' late 
          C                                G 
until you tell that it's time to we moved on 
                 Am            F 
And if it takes all night I'll wait here til the daylight 
        C                               G 
So that I can see that we just don't belong 
it's all right we were wrong 

(verse 2) 
If you are crazy then i'm insane 
to people with the same condition, it never goes away 
It's not our problem anymore 
But let's just call it even we i'm walking out the door 
    Dm                                   F           G 
And oh, it won't be easy 'cause it was hard from the start 


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