Lindsay Lohan

Disconnected 2(Chords)

Lindsay Lohan

Key: Bm
 Bm            A                 F#m                Bm 
Sleeping awake, and awake when I'm sleeping  
 Bm            A                 F#m            Bm 
I've gotta dry kind've thirst when drenched  
 D           A                 F#m                Bm 
On sunny days, all I can see is a shadow 
   Bm            A            Bm 
I'm not above being under  
Bm            A                 F#m                Bm 
I'm at the brink, though I know that I'm empty  
 Bm            A                 F#m         Bm 
I always hide when it's my turn to seek  
 D            A                 F#m                Bm 
My only belief is not to have faith in believing  
Bm            A            Bm 
Before I begin, I'm over  
 Bm      A      Bm 
Broken off again  
Bm              D                                    A           Bm 
And I'm only not lonely when I'm lonely by myself  
         D    A         Bm          A             Bm 
Numb, in pain again, I always backtrack forward  
  Bm       A          F#m         Bm 
Cause all in all, I'm disconnected  
Bm       A              F#m    Bm 
Quietly loud, while I'm noisily silent  
Bm                 A              F#m                   Bm 
Keep holding my breath while I'm trying to breathe  
Bm            A                        F#m        Bm 
Swimming against all of my waves and rapids  
Bm      A            Bm 
I only win when I'm losing  
D                         A 
I just wanna live my life sedated  
A      Bm               D          A 
Cause I love driving myself away 
   Bm         D                 A  
Dysfunctionally sane, don't give a damn  
 A             F#m  Bm         F#m    Bm        
I can't comprehend what I understand  
{Chorus 2x}  
Cifrada por Paula Regina (paulapoprouge) espero que gostem !!! bjinhos 

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