Linda Ronstadt

Guess Ill Hang My Tear Out To Dry(Chords)

Linda Ronstadt

Key: E

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	        Album What's New 1983 
INtro E7sus4,Am7,Dmaj9,Fmaj7,Am9,Abm7,Fmaj7,Bm7,E7 
The torch I carry is handsome  
It's worth its heartache in ransom  

And when that twilight steals  

I know how the lady in the harbor feels B7,Bb7,B7,Bb7,D7,Eb7   
Emaj7       Eb7   Dmaj7 
When I want rain, I get sunny weather  
Amaj7            Bm9 
I'm just as blue as the sky  
Em9                    Dmaj7         A    G 
Since love is gone, can't get myself together  
A               Aaug            A 
Guess I'll hang my tears out to dry  
C#m7           F#7     Bm9             E7  
Friends ask me out and I tell them I'm busy  
Amaj7          Bm7 
Must get a new alibi  
Em9    A7     Dmaj7             A        G 
I stay at home and ask myself, 'Where is she?'  
A          Aaug             A 
Guess I'll hang my tears out to dry  
Dry little tear drops, my little tear drops  
Hanging on a stream of dreams  
E   C#m7             F#dim 
Fly little memories, my little memories  
Dmaj7             Em7   E7 
Remind her of our crazy schemes  
Change key to Ab 
Abm7     D7    Bbm7              Eb7  
Somebody says, just forget about her  
Abm7                       Bbm7 Fm7 
So I gave that treatment a try  
Ebm9          Dbm7         Ab            Gb  
And strangely enough I got along without her  
Abm7             Fm7             Cm7     Cm7   F9    
Then one day she passed me right by, oh, well  
D  Bbm7                            Ab  
I guess I'll hang my tears out to dry 

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