Life In 24 Frames

Bitter End(Chords)

Life In 24 Frames

Key: F
Intro: F (8x)  

verse 1: 
F         F                    F    F     
My eyes go forth and go back again. 
  Fsus4 F     F                F     
As I try not to fall into love again 
Fall into love again... 
Dm   Dm(add9)   Dm    
Fall into love again 

Break: F (x4) 

verse 2: 
F                    F                        F    F     
Black nights kept us safe in each other's skin 
(Fsus4)   F                F                   Fmaj7   F 
But white lights will live on to the bitter end 
Dm   Dm(add9)  
     On to the bitter end 
C                       Bb 
     On to the bitter end 

Break: F (x4) 

Verse 3: 

F                 F                      F    F     
Blue eyes make it hard to go back to when 
(Fsus4) F     F                             F   
City skylines and the night were irrelevent 
F                       Dm 
Tell us where we begin (oooh oooh) 
Dm                    F 
Tell us where we begin  
Break:   F (x4) 
       (oooh oooh) 

verse 4:
F                F                       F    F              
Burners kept the warmth and we settled in 
  (Fsus4) F          F                      F                 
We spoke of all the places that we had been 
Dm  Dm(add9)                  Dm                  
And how we found hands to learn 
             C                   Bb                
And how we'd like to go back again 

Break:   F (x4) 

Verse 5: 

F                                F   F                 
Our eyes did all the talking then 
  F                    F                       F    
I hoped that as we got close it would never end 
    Fmaj7                    Dm   C   F                         
But life had a different plan 
        F                     F    F                
When we ran for the bitter end 
F        F                                         
(run run run run) 

Verse 6: 

  F                F                           F    F    
I hope that as the days pass the time will mend 
       F            F                    F    C           
You'll come back to find me a better man 
   And we'll be together then 
   We'll run from the bitter end 
   We'll sink or we'll learn to swim. 

F      F       F      F 
oooooh oooooh  oooooh oooooh 
F      F       F      F 
oooooh oooooh  oooooh oooooh 
Dm     Dm      F 

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