Les Miserables

Bring Him Home(Chords)

Les Miserables

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Key: A

       A     D       A 
God on high, hear my prayer 
      C#m    E                   E7 
In my need, you have always been there 
 A           D     A 
He is young, he's afraid 
 C#           D      F#m 
Let him rest, heaven blessed 
 D                        Bm 
Bring him home, bring him home 
 E        A 
Bring him home 

 C#m                           Bm 
He's like the son I might have known 
 F#m                    E 
If god had granted me a son 
 D                      A 
The summers die, one by one 
              D           A 
How soon they fly, on and on 
           Bm               C#     E7 
And I'm am old, and will be gone 

          A      D         A 
Bring him peace, bring him joy 
      C#     D     E        E7 
He is young, he is only a boy 
        A     D       A 
You can take, you can give 
        C#          F#m 
Let him be, let him live 
     D           Bm 
If I die, let me die 
 E      A     D         A 
Let him live, bring him home 
 D        A     D         A 
Bring him home, bring him home 
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