Leanna Firestone

Google Translate / Poppies (medley)(Chords)

Leanna Firestone

Key: Am

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	        Intro A7M  

A7M                              F#m   E    D7M  
You took Spanish in high school, but I took French 
So when you're tired and delirious at almost 2am 
You type sentences into Google Translate 

And then you send them to me 
A                  D             E 
'Je pense que Lea est tres jolie' 
F#m          E          D                       E 
I don't think you know just how much it means to me 
F#m                 A 
To watch you try to call me pretty 
     D            E                  A 
In a language I know that you can't speak 

You told me you didn't remember sh*t from Spanish class 
Bm                                    E    D7M  E 
You didn't know how you passed but you did 
So even if I wanted to call you pretty back in your high school 
Bm       D                Bm                     D7M    Em7 
Foreign language neither one of us would know what I said 
E                F#m 
So I'll stick to French 
          E          D 
Je pense que tu es tres jolie aussi 
F#m              E 
I think you're pretty too 
       D7M                        F#m 
In a language that you still don't speak 
Then I said 

Je t'aime 
Je t'aime 

Je t'aime 
Over and over again 
A confession in French 
           D                 E            A 
Because I knew you wouldn't know what it meant 

       G         F#m       A 
And I know that you don't fall as easily as I do 
    G               F#m                  A            C#m   A 
So I won't press my luck, and say it in words you'll understand 
     G                    F#m 
I'm too scared that if I tell you 
I love you (I love you) 
Te Amo (Te Amo) 
     G                            F#m         E    A 
I'd never get to hear you call me tres jolie again 

You took spanish in high school, but I took french 
I'm in college now and it's been four years since then 
       D7M          D 
But I knew exactly what you said when you had sent 
A                     D      A     F#m    E              A 
'Je pense que Lea est tres jolie', you copied and you pasted 
D                          F# 
But it meant everything to me 
              E        F#     D7M            A7M  
To watch you try to call me pretty in a language you can't speak

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