LeAnn Rimes

Some People(Chords)

LeAnn Rimes

Key: G

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	        'Some People' Leann Rimes 
from 'This Woman' 
 G                               D                      
Isn't it a gamble laying your heart out on the floor 
Nothing short of a miracle  
When you find the one you're looking for 
G                                         D              
Its another kind of trouble tryin to hang on to who you are 
When all you wanna do is lose yourself 
In someone else's arms 
Am                         D                 
Isn't it a wonder that we got this far 

C Some people aren't lucky like us G Some people they just give up D When the hard times fall the thrill of it all is gone C F G They leave you in a cloud of dust C It's sad to think that some won't find it Em D C And others won't recognize it even when it comes Em D C We're all at the mercy of the will of love D G Some people yeah, some people aren't lucky like us
Two lonely hearts that just stumbled into fate Look how much we've been given baby In spite of all of our mistakes I will never forget I was blessed with the gift of loving you And when the going ain'y easy baby A little faith will pull us through Thank God we have each other to hang onto repeat chorus C Someone you can laugh with someone you can cry with G Tell all your secrets to C Someone who won't judge you someone who just loves you D No matter what they stand beside you repeat chorus but end with.... D C Some people yeah some people yeah Em C Some people aren't lucky like us D G Oh yeah some people aren't lucky like us whew this was harder than I thought, please suggest any corrections, there were some parts of the chorus I was a bit unsure of....but it sounds pretty close to the CD.

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