Kyle Veillon and Flatland

Always A Bright Side(Chords)

Kyle Veillon and Flatland

Key: G

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        Always a bright side (pretty accurate): 
Intro: G C D G X2 
G                   C        D                 G 
Well i woke up this morning, slipped on my old boots 
G           C                  D   G                  C 
told myself todays a brand new day. I forgot about the bad 
         D                    G 
things, remembered all those good dreams, i thought Kyle  
               C         D        G 
you know theres always a bright side.   

G C D G Well theres always a bright side, no matter where you go, C D G G no matter where you are or where you've been. When the C D G G road gets rough, and times get tough, just remember babe C D G there's always a bright side.
G C D G G Well I saw a girl drowning in her tears, I thought C D G G man i know exactly how you feel, so I tapped her on the C D G shoulder, I looked her in the eyes, and said girl you know C D G theres always a bright side. (Chorus) X 2 G C G
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