Kyle Craft

Fever Dream Girl(Chords)

Kyle Craft

Key: G

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	        verse 1 
          G                     C7 
Was she a trainwreck, was she a last drag? 
            G                                    C7 
Was she the little peace of mind you thought you once had? 
            G                    D 
Was she the cure-all or just the disease? 
            C                 G 
Was she the ransacked girl in big denim jeans? 
          C                      D 
Maybe the money spent, maybe the bad nights, 
          G                        C 
Maybe the deep wound left behind a spider bite, 
          G7                 D 
Maybe the head hung inside a toilet seat, 
          C7                        G7 
Maybe the vampire searching for someone to bleed. 

Hey, it's whatever she wants to be. 
Hey, that's whatever she's gonna be 
C                          D 
Out there roaming the night, 
C                              D        D7 
Yes, I'm the only boy she won't fight. 

verse 2 
            G                             C7 
Was she the wedding dress drenched all in gasoline? 
            G               C7 
Was she the new-age jezebel dog treat? 
            G                   D 
Was she the warhead or the firecracker? 
        C                              G 
Was she death itself or whatever comes after? 
        C                       D 
Maybe a sucker punch, maybe the common threat, 
          G                       C 
Maybe the gray teeth pulling on a cigarette, 
          G7                  D 
Maybe the absolute, maybe the in-between, 
        C7                         G7 
Maybe a fortune teller with no one there to read. 

And she waits and she knows herself too well, 
She stares at her hands but still can't tell 
C                       D 
When good luck comes around 
    C                               D      D7 
She packs up all her cards and jumps town. 

verse 3 
            G                           C7 
Was she the trophy wife, was she the wanderer? 
              G                                 C7 
Was she the only spell in life that you've been under? 
            G                          D 
Was she the broken string or the whole symphony? 
          C                      G 
Maybe the upright, perfectly out of key, 
        C                      D 
Maybe a tar pit filled up with ancient bone, 
          G                              C 
Maybe the footsteps you hear when you're home alone, 
          G7                    D 
Maybe the prize bird losing its feathers, 
          C7                                    G7 
Maybe the glue that just won't hold your shit together. 

Guitar solo 
G  C7  G  C7 
G  C7  G  C7 
A  B   C  D 

            G                       C7 
Was she the blood moon that means disaster? 
            G                                      C7 
Maybe she's nothing close to what you think you're after. 
            G                       D 
When all at once, man, you wake and come to 
         C                           G 
You know exactly what it is that she was to you.

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