Kris Kristofferson

This Old Road(Chords)

Kris Kristofferson

Key: D

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	        written by K. Kristofferson 
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INTRO: D  A  D  A 
Look at that old photograph 
G            A 
Is it really you 
D               G            A 
Smiling like a baby full of dreams 
Smiling ain't so easy now 
G                A 
Some are comin' true 
D            G           A 
Nothing's a simple as it seems 
Bm                         G                    D 
But I guess you count your blessings with the problems 
Bm           G            A 
That you're dealing with today 
G                         A           D     A      D 
Like the changing of the seasons 
D G Bm Ain't you come a long way D G Bm (Ain't you come a long way) D G Bm A Ain't you come a long way down D This old road
Looking at the future Running out of time On a face you used to know Traces of a future lost In between the lines One more rainbow for the road Thinking of the faces in the window That you passed along the way Or the last thing you believed in CHORUS SOLO Bm G D Say you tried to chase the sun down Bm G A And you let it slip away G A D A D And the holy night is falling CHORUS D G (let ring) D Look at that old photograph, is it really you

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