Kingdom Come

What Love Can Be(Chords)

Kingdom Come

Key: C#

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Come to me now 
Em                                  Bm  
I want to be your best friend for all of time 
I want to be the tissue for your tears 
Em                   Bm 
I never want to be alone 
              C#dim                       Em 
I never really thought that I could feel 
A feeling that awakened me so 
I was astray of knowing where I belong 
Em                      Bm 
Living out of time, living out of time 
G A Bm Now that you've come and set me free G A Bm Now that I know what love can be G A Bm All that I want is you with me G Em F# That's all I want
Verse C#dim Em You allow me to be what I want to be Bm Thanks for helping me C#dim Em I feel like a bright shining star Bm For only you to see, for only you to see Bridge B5 C#5 Hold me tight, hold me tight D5 E5 I won't let you go B5 C#5 Close to you, close to you D5 E5 Touch me, don't let go G5 D/F# G5 D/F# A5 Give me all your love Outro G Em All that I want Bm Is you to be with me

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