Kid Rock

Jesus And Bocephus(Chords)

Kid Rock

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Key: G
Intro G, D, G, D, G, D, A, G 


Sometimes I've had too much to drink 

Get all stoned and play some Hank 

D                            A 
I guess that's just the way I am 

And I love the man from Galilee 

Because he died for you and me 

D                       A 
I met them both in Dixieland 

          G            D 
Cos I got Jesus and Bocephus 

              G           D 
and they both help me to live my life 

             G             BM 
I went from Jim Beam to my Bible 

G           D        A               G       D 
Jesus and Bocephus, Right here by my side 


A       D 

When the water  all turned into wine 

I lost my mind for a time 

  D                                  A 
I felt them both holding my hand 
Looking through these bloodshot eyes 

I praise the lord I saw the light 

        D                          A 
and two sets of footprints in the sand 


I was cashing in I was Casting stones 

G                D 
I was lost in sin I was on my own 

EM               A 
But now I don't feel all alone 


G                              A                           G 
Jesus and Bocephus Right here, Right here until the day I die 

Jesus and Bocephus 
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