Kid Rock


Kid Rock

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Key: C
(VERSE 1) 
C                                        Dm   
Day by day my life gets colder
F				     C 
My ice grows thin, as I get older
C                           Dm 
Peace in peaces, bloody and bruised
F                                          C 
I feel so helpless and confused 


Cuz I hear screamin on the left
yellin on the right 

I?m sitting in the middle tryin to live my life 

C F Cuz I cant stop the war C F 
Shelter homeless, feed the poor
 C F I can?t walk on water
 C F I can?t save your sons and daughters 
Am G C F I can?t change the world and make things fair 
Am G The least that I can do 
C F The least that I can do
 Am G F The least that I can do is care
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