Kevin Welch

I Am No Drifter(Chords)

Kevin Welch

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Key: G
Kevin Welch - G 
 I was raised on the road, staring down the line 
 Got my education, reading those highway signs 
   F               G         F                G 
 I guess I'm still learning, doin' the best I can 
 C                                 F               G 
 Some call me a rounder baby, but, they don't understand 

G I am no drifter, I'm just on my way Bb C Eb F G I know my destination now, yeah, I'm gonna make it there someday G I am no drifter, this road will lead me home Bb C Eb F G I know I'm getting closer, now, but, I'll never make it there alone
Well, I know you think you know me, but, I don't believe you do Just 'cause nothing ever fit me, but, these old walking shoes The reason I keep moving, nothing else feels right I was kind of hoping, you might slow me down tonight Repeat Chorus Twice F C G F C G I am no drifter, I am no drifter
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