Kevin Fowler

True Love(Chords)

Kevin Fowler

Key: A

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	        A                  D 
Well, I've been around this ride so many times 
It always leads me right back here 
       A                     D 
By myself all alone is where I call home 
There ain't no woman near 
               A                      D 
It's getting' old flyin' solo, these one night stands 
        A          E      D 
Ain't workin' for me any more 
But this time around I found what I've been yearnin'  
A D E Now I know what you meant when you said you were lonely A D I ain't never known such hell like I've been going E through A D A There must be a better way to find someone like I've E D been dreamin' of D E A Oh, tell me will I ever find true love
A D E This way of life is all I've ever known A D E And the ways of the world have left me all alone A D I've been lost here in Babylon walking the streets A E D Searchin' for some fools gold D E But I've finally realized it ain't all I want (chorus) A D E Tell me will I ever find true love

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