Kevin Fowler

A Fool And His Heart(Chords)

Kevin Fowler

Key: G

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	        G                              D 
His heart's been through the ringer a time or two 
G            C 
Poor boy, I guess he never knew 
G                      D 
What'll happen if you close your eyes 
    C                     D 
And let your heart go to lovin' blind 
G               D 
Fool him once, oh now shame on you 
G                 C 
Fool him twice, well I guess he should've knew 
G                      D 
I guess his heart was born to burn 
C                    D 
I think some fools never learn 
G D A fool and his heart G C How soon they part G D C D He just can't hold on to it for very long G D He's the first one to fall G C Now he can't help himself at all G D Separated from the start C D G That old fool and his heart
The poor boy's been hurt so many times Goes and lays his heart out on the line The stakes are high he's a gamblin' man He'll roll the dice, he'll take the chance When the chips down he'll never make the score Always seems to keep coming back for more I guess his heart was born to burn I think some fools never learn (Chorus 2x)

Written by Kevin Fowler

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