Kevin Denney

It Don't Matter(Chords)

Kevin Denney

Key: C
From the CD: Kevin Denney 
2002, Lyric Street Records 
There's a (C) month of Sunday (C/B) papers 
In the (Am) weeds that's taken (Am/G) over 
(F) That (F/E) ol' gravel (Dm7) driveway 
And a (G) quart of milk, half em(Gsus)pty 
Two weeks past the experation (C) date (C/B) (Am) (Am/G) 
My (F) face could stand a (F/E) razor blade or (Gsus) two (G) 
Got a (F) grown' list of (F/E) things I oughta (Gsus) do (G) 
But, it don't (C) matter (C/B) 
(Am) Since (Am/G) I lost (F) you (F/E) (Dm7) (G) 
There's a (C) cigarette burned (C/B) sofa 
That (Am) I try hard to (Am/G) sleep on 
(F) But, (F/E) I lay there for (Dm7) hours 
(G) Watching info(Gsus)mercials  
Till it's time to get up, dress 
And go to (C) work (C/B) (Am) (Am/G) 
I (F) used to take some (F/E) pride in what I (Gsus) do (G) 
But, (F) now I got this (F/E) don't care attit(Gsus)ude (G) 
But, it don't (C) matter (C/B) 
(Am) Since (Am/G) I lost (F) you (F/E) (Dm7) (Gsus) 
(F) Sympatheic (C) friends of mine 
Have (F) worn out all the (C) standard lines 
It (F) wasn't meant to (F/E) be 
You'll be o(Dm7)k 
Just give it (Gsus) time 
....(Am) (Am/G) it don't (F) matter 
There's a (C) girl I've known since (C/B) high school 
That's (Am) called a time or two here (Am/G) lately 
(F) To (F/E) say let's get to(Dm7)gether 
And (G) reluctantly one ev(Gsus)ening 
I ag(G)reed to meet her downtown for a (C) date (C/B) (Am) (Am/G) 
By the (F) way she looked at (F/E) me, it's probably (Gsus) true (G) 
She'd (F) like to be (F/E) my somebody (Gsus) new (G) 
But, it don't (C) matter (C/B) 
(Am) I (Am/G) still love (F) you (F/E) (Dm7) (Gsus) 
It don't (C) matter (C/B) 
(F) I (F/E) still love (Dm7) you (Gsus) (G) (C) 
NOTE: I know that as soon as I post this,
that someone will say that I was wrong, so be looking for a correction.    

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