Kenny Chesney

Outta Here(Chords)

Kenny Chesney

Key: D

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	        Written by: Josh Leo 
**Capo fret 2** 
Intro: D  D/C#  Bm7  A  F  G   
D          D/C#      Bm7         A 
Lets leave town on a permanent vacation 
G           D/F#   Em7         A 
Lock up the house pack up the station wagon 
D        D/C#     Bm7         A 
Make paradise our final destination 
    F             G         D 
As long as we're outta here 
D              D/C#          Bm7          A 
There ain't no time like the present they say 
G                   D/F#     Em7 A 
Lets cruise all the way down A-1-A 
D           D/C#      Bm7         A 
Put the top down and catch a few rays 
F              G         D 
Baby we'll be outta here 

Fmaj7 G Anywhere you want to go Gm7 D As long as its sunny weather E Let the time fly by I don't mind G As long as we're together
D D/C# Bm7 A South of the border there's a place I know G D/F# Em7 A Where James Taylor sang about Mexico D D/C# Bm7 A And the sun's so hot we'll forget to go home F G D Baby we'll be outta here Instrumental: (verse chords) CHORUS D D/C# Bm7 A Maybe drive to the country down to the lake G D/F# Em7 A See if the catfish are jumping set our bait D D/C# Bm7 A And if we come up dry we'll just sleep in late F G D At least we'll be outta here F G D As long as we're outta here F G D Baby lets get outta here (repeat verse chords to fade)

Written by Josh Leo

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