Keith Whitley

Brotherly Love(Chords)

Keith Whitley

Key: D

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	        D                                                G   A 
We shared the same last name and the same color eyes 
    D                     Bm             A 
But we fought like tigers over that old red bike 
I'm battin' first and you can't use my glove 
It wouldn't take long 'til push came to shove 
                            A                     D 
But, we looked out for each other with Brotherly Love 
D                                    G    A 
You hated girls 'til I had my first date 
               D                    Bm             A 
I brought her home from the movies; you stayed up late 
D                   Bm 
Three on the couch watchin' T.V. 
I was smilin' at her while you were laughin' at me 
                              A                  D 
But, I wouldn't trade it for nothin', Brotherly Love. 

G A There's a bond that brothers know D Bm And it gets stronger as they grow G A D A love that time and miles can't come between G A We disagreed but in the end D Bm There will never be two closer friends G A And Brotherly Love is something we all need.
D G A They share the same last name and the same color eyes D Bm A But they fight like tigers over one old' red bike D And lookin' at them reminds me of us G They're gonna fight and they're gonna fuss A D But, they got something special, it's Brotherly Love. (Repeat chorus)

Written by Tim Nichols/Jimmy Stewart

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