Keith Urban

Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me(Chords)

Keith Urban

Key: D

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	        Since the intro and all the verse is the chord of 'D', play a hammer-on variation  
something like this:  
Listen to CD for timing and you can create the same sort of rhythm pattern they're playing with the hammer-on and strumming quick and short. Intro: D Verse 1: (all D) I got no money in my pockets I got a hole in my jeans I had a job and I lost it But it won't get to me Cause I'm ridin' with my baby And it's a brand new day We're on the wheels of an angel Flyin' away :
D Em7 And the sun is shining, and this road keeps winding G Through the prettiest country D From Georgia to Tennessee D And I got the one I love beside me Em7 My troubles behind me G I'm alive and I'm free D Who wouldn't wanna be me
Verse 2: (all D) Now she's strumming on my 6-string Across her pretty knees She's stompin' out a rhythm And singing to me the sweetest song Instrumental: D Em7 G D CHORUS D Em7 D G I got no money in my pockets D Em7 D G I got a hole in my jeans D Em7 D G We're on the wheels of an angel, and I'm free D Em7 D G She's strumming on my 6-string, it's across her pretty knees D Em7 D G She's stompin' out a rhythm, and singing to me D Em7 D G

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