Katie Melua

My Aphrodisiac Is You(Chords)

Katie Melua

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Key: D
Intro: D G  D A7 
D	    D7	     G			         Gm 
Some people say that oyster's make you come on strong,  
            D			       A7	      D G D A7              
But I don't buy it; I don't believe my diet turns me on.  
D	           D7	             G			        Gm 
     Won't take no pills, that's the last thing that I need to do,  
        D	    A7    	      D	G   D  D7 
I can't deny it, My aphrodisiac is you. 

G Gm D Alright, I could sniff some powdered rhino horn, F# Bm And go to bed in rubber gloves. G Gm But I don't need no stimulation, Potions, balms or embarkation, D G D Aaug I'm in love, in other words:
V2 D D7 G Gm Don't smoke no grass or opium from old Hong Kong, D A7 D G D A7 That hubble bubble just makes me see you double, All night long. D D7 G Gm Don't waste my time with Spanish fly and roots to chew, D A7 D G D D7 They cause me trouble, Because my aphrodisiac is you. Chorus V3 D D7 G Gm Some people like to read the Khama Sutra first, D A7 D G D A7 But I don't need it, I think if I should read it I'd be worse! D D7 G Gm Don't ask me why, 'Cause baby, I ain't got a clue. D A7 D7 G7 Gm D I just concede it, my aphrodisiac is you.
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