Katie Costello

Time Left Room(Chords)

Katie Costello

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Key: Cm
Intro: Cm Eb Ab F 

              Cm        G          Ab            F 
It was just a cold day, no day for laying in the field 
           Cm         Eb               Ab             F 
It was just one star, far too far that made him turn away 
Cm         G           Ab       F 
Bland boy, no toy to a man like yourself 
           Cm       Eb          Ab              F 
He was just no one, someone who needed something else 

Cm       G               Ab         F 
Time left room (for) for me to reconsider 
Cm            Eb         Ab  F               Cm    Eb   Ab  F 
What had been winter and where the grass did grow 
Cm        G              Ab         F      Cm             Eb    
Time left room (for) for me to reconsider, who and what I knew 
    Ab F               Cm   Eb   Ab  F 
And where that boy did go 
Cm                  G                Ab                          F                
First kiss: neither hit nor miss; it blurs from the quickness it keeps 
Cm              Eb                    Ab           F 
First love: too much at once for that troubled boy to take 
Cm             G                Ab                F 
Blue lake, for sanity's sake he swam and dove too deep 
Cm            G                Ab                     F 
Grey skies, green eyes - they change with the growing grass 

Ab                 G 
Loss of what is so precious 
Ab                    G 
Confused with the scenery 
A face with no name, a place without space 
     G        Eb   F        Cm   Eb   Ab F 
It's useless, boy don't you see 

Cm            G                  Ab            F 
No chance, no turning back, that lake is but a stream   
Cm            Eb                Ab               F 
One wish, one day for that kiss to return to those wanting lips 
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