Julie Andrews

Feed The Birds Tuppence A Bag(Chords)

Julie Andrews

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Key: C
Capo on 6th fret

C          Dm         Am            G 
Early each day to the steps of St. Paul's  
Am               G        Am 
The little old bird woman comes. 
        C          Dm           Am        G 
In her own special way to the people she calls, 
Am           E            Am 
'Come buy my bags full of crumbs. 
      F                      C 
Come feed the little birds, show them you care, 
     F                    C 
And you'll be glad if you do. 
        Am             F            Am           G 
Their young ones are hungry, their nests are so bare; 
        Am       E            Am G 
All it takes is Tuppence from you.' 
C         G       Am       G 
Feed the birds, Tuppence a bag, 
Am        C         Dm          G 
Tuppence, Tuppence, Tuppence a bag. 
C          G      Am               G 
'Feed the birds,' that's what she cries, 
Am          G        E              Am 
While overhead, her birds fill the skies. 
     Am          E            Am          E 
All around the cathedral the saints and apostles  
      Am           E         Am 
Look down as she sells her wares. 
C                   Dm        Am             G 
Although you can't see it you know they are smiling 
C                  Dm            Am G 
Each time someone shows that he cares. 
C          G          Am         G 
Though her words are simple and few, 
Am       C           G 
Listen, listen, she calling to you. 
C         G        Am       E 
'Feed the birds, Tuppence a bag, 
C                            G C 
Tuppence, Tuppence, Tuppence a bag.' 
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