Jr Vautour

Division 14(Chords)

Jr Vautour

Key: B

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Capo on 4th fret
(verse 1) 
G        A         D 
Division, Division 14 
D                  A        D 
When I met her the snow was falling 
D                  A        D 
And i knew it was love at first sight 
         G          A          D 
And her hair was as soft as a snowflake 
A                     G             A            D 
And her eyes seemed to say 'she was meant for me' 
G        A          D 
Division, Division 14 
(verse 2) 
So we dated and our love grew so strong 
Our love was sweet it was never no wrong 
In the springtime i bought her a ring 
We talked it over and planned our wedding day 
Division, Division 14 
(verse 3) 
Then one night while walking her home 
We had a quarrel and i knew i was wrong 
She was hurt and she started to cry 
She ran away and left me there all alone 
Division, Division 14 
(verse 4) 
E                B        E 
While sleeping at about 4 am 
E                B              E 
I woke up to the ringing of the phone 
            A            B             E 
A policeman spoke and he mentioned her name 
B             A            B       E 
My little angel i knew she was gone 
A        B         E 
Division, Division 14 
(verse 5) 
Now my life feels so empty without her 
And my world will never be the same 
And in my dreams the phone keeps on ringing 
Police Division, Division 14 
A        B          E 
Division, Division 14 
G        A          D 
Division, Division 14
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