Josh Wilson

What I See Now(Chords)

Josh Wilson

Key: C

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	        C                                    F/A     C 
If I could go back to the 7th grade 
     C                                 G 
I'll tell myself you'll be okay 
                  Am                                 F/A        C 
You're the last one picked and the first one out 
Boy, don't let it get you down 
Middle school is a lonely road 
You're faking sick to stay at home 
But give it time and you will find 
Friends you'll have for your whole life 

F C Am                                    F C Am 
Oh,       you're gonna make it through 
                              F C Am 
I promise that you do 
              F                                                    C (G into bridge) 
Somehow, I wish you could see what I see now 

If I could go back to 23 
To the nights I cried myself to sleep 
Lying in my bed alone 
With nobody to have and hold 
I'd say that I know the feeling well 
When the girl you love loves someone else 
But give it time and you will find 
A lover who won't leave your side 

                        Am                                      F 
I see a perfect plan, I see God's guiding hand 
                        C                                G 
I see a better man, you'll be a better man 
                                   Am                                         F 
Sometimes it takes a while, sometimes it takes the trials 
To open up your eyes 

So here I am at 29 
But I feel just like that boy sometimes 
Praying, please God, give me faith 
To make it through just one more day 
But every time I have those fears 
I think of me in 20 years 
Telling me you'll be just fine 
Just keep on walking towards the light 

Am F C G 

You'll be just fine, you?ll be just fine 
Just give it time, just give it time 
You?ll be just fine, oh 
Just keep on walking towards the light

Written by Josh Wilson

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