Josh Wilson

Jesus Is Alive(Chords)

Josh Wilson

Key: C

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Wish that I was there,  
On that silent night,  
C                            E            F 
When your tiny heart started beating for mine,  

I wish I couldve seen,  
The star in Davids town,  
C                             E     F 
When you turned a stable into Holy ground.  
       D                  F 
Id sing along, the angels song.  

C Noel, Noel, Jesus is alive. Am Emanuel, hope is here tonight. F C G Am So go, and tell, the world that death has died. F C F C Cause Jesus is alive. Yea Jesus is alive.
VERSE 2 C The God who made us all, C With these two little hands, C E F Is bringing us his kingdom quiet as a lamb. C Oh such Amazing Grace! C A divine conspiracy. C This Savior in a manger changes E F everything. D That's why we sing. CHORUS BRIDGE F Sin you have no sting. F Hell you have no power - Jesus is alive Am Curse you are no more. Am This is your final hour - Jesus is alive F Because the son of God F Has not left us alone - Jesus is alive Am He'll live and die and rise again, and then Am he'll bring us home - Jesus is alive F The old will pass away F And we will become new. (Jesus is alive) Am F This baby boy is making all sad things untrue. CHORUS (2x)

Written by Josh Wilson

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