Josh Baldwin

Get Your Hopes Up(Chords)

Josh Baldwin

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Key: C
Intro: C Am7 G 

          C                 Am7 
I see the sun waking up the morning 
Reviving dreams 
          C                     Am7 
I feel the wind on my back with promise 
Reminding Me 

          Am7                   F 
There?s a garment of praise for heaviness 
          G                                 Am7 
There?s a new song burning inside my chest 
                F                G 
I living in the goodness that he brings 

C Get your hopes up F Lift you head up G Let you faith arise C/E Get your hopes up F Our God is for us G He?s brought us back to life
Interlude to verse C Am7 G Bridge C F Christ before me Am7 G Christ behind me C F G I am firmly held C F In His mercy Am7 G Never ending C F G I?ll remind myself
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