Joni Mitchell

See You Sometime(Chords)

Joni Mitchell

Key: F
(intro) (F Cmaj7/F F C G/C C) 

F             Cmaj7/F 
Where are you now? 
        F          Cmaj7/F 
Are you in some ho-tel     room 
F       C             G/C 
Does it have a view? 

C         F           Cmaj7/F 
  Are you caught in a crowd 
   F            Cmaj7/F 
Or holding some ho- - -ney 
F        C           G/C  C 
Who came on to you? 

G                           D 
   Why do you have to be so jive? 
Okay,      hang up the phone 
  G/C                Cmaj7          D7/C 
It   hurts, but some-thing survives 
            Cmaj7    G 
Though it?s un- -der-mined 

A                               G# 
I would still like to see you     sometime 


    F          Cmaj7/F 
I?m feeling so good 
    F              Cmaj7/F 
And my friends all tell    me 
F        C             G/C 
That I?m looking fine 

C   F          Cmaj7/F 
  I run in the woods 
  F               Cmaj7/F 
I spring from the boul- -ders 
F      C          G/C ? C 
Like a mama lion 

G                   D 
   I?m not ready to change 
              Csus4                           G/C 
My name again,     but you know I?m not after a   piece 
        Cmaj7                  D7/C 
Of your for- tune and your fame 
         Cmaj7    G 
?Cause I tas- ted mine 
    A    E/A  A  E/A A   Gsus2 
I?d just like to see you      sometime 


D             C/D 
Pack your sus-pen-ders 
D      C/D  D    D7   G     Gsus2 - G 
  I?ll come meet your plane 
Csus2                  C 
No   need to surrender 
               G             A ? E/A (3x) - A 
I just want to see you again 

      F           Cmaj7/F 
We?re in for more rain 
        F             Cmaj7/F 
I could sure use some sun- - shine 
F     C           G/C 
On my apple trees 

C    F            Cmaj7/F 
  It seems such a shame 
   F            Cmaj7/F 
We start off so kind 
    F      C           G/C ? C 
And end so heartlessly 

G                      D 
  I couldn?t take them   all 
On then       with a head full of questions 
G/C                    Cmaj7             D7/C 
And hypes, so when the hopes got so slim 
  Cmaj7    G 
I just  re-signed 
        A    E/A  A  E/A A  Gsus2 
But I?d just like to see you     sometime 
        A    E/A  A  E/A    F  Cmaj7/F  F - C 
I would sure like to    see you 

(F Cmaj7/F F C G/C C) 

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