Jonathan Brewer

Glory, Honour, Power(Chords)

Jonathan Brewer

Key: A

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        Verse 1: 
   A      E        A       E 
I lift my hands (I lift my hands) 
       A        E            A        E 
To the heavens above (to the heavens above) 
   A      E        A       E 
I give my heart (I give my heart) 
       A      E            A      E 
To the God of love (to the God of love) 
    A         E             A         E 
And I will be thankful (And I will be thankful) 
  A       E      A         E 
All of my days (All of my days) 
  A         E     A          E 
Giving Him glory (Giving Him glory) 
A          E       A          E 
Honour and praise (Honour and praise) 

B  C#m     Asus A      F#m    A 
Glory,     honour,     power? forever, forever 
E A E I will stand on the solid rock of Jesus C#m A B I will lay down my life at His feet E A I will cast down my crowns C#m B Before the holy lamb of God A B A E I will sing, I will sing
Verse 2: A E A E Lift up your eyes (lift up your eyes) A E A E To the lamb of God (To the lamb of God) A E A E Join the angels (Join the angels) A E A E Around the throne (Around the throne) A E A E Giving Him glory (Giving Him glory) A E A E Singing Him praise (Singing Him praise) A E A E Honour and power (Honour and power) A E A E Unto His name (unto His name) 1998 Open Cup (Admin. by The Copyright Company) All rights reserved. International copyright secured. CCLI song #3223996
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