Johnny Rebel

Some Never Die(Chords)

Johnny Rebel

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Key: G
Intro:  C  D  G   
Verse 1: 
G                      C 
The other day I took a fishin' trip  
D                    G 
Just me an' my boat, and ol' Banjo-lip  
Banjo was my guide, an old colored fella'  
D                    G 
He wasn't very dark, he was a high-steppin' yella'  
So we launched my boat, and I cranked my motor  
D                      G   
And up to my nose came a terrible odor  
I looked all around trying to find something dead  
D                                G 
But it was Banjo with his arm up, scratching his head.  

D C D G Some niggers never die, they just smell that way.
Verse 2: Now the more he'd scratch, the more he'd sweat And I'm here to say, he was a-chokin' me to death So we loaded up, I just couldn't go on And I coughed and I gagged-all the way home. When I dropped him off, I was next to dyin' My nose was a' running, and my eyes were a' cryin'. The smell scorched the hair right out of my nose, And when I got home, I had to burn all my clothes! Repeat Chorus Verse 3: I recuperated quick, I was thankful for that I was only in bed for a week and a half. The very first day I was up on my feet. I went to the supermarket, down the street. I shopped all around, and I filled out my order, My groceries were bagged by a fat nigger porter. The air conditioner was broke, an' I was ferocious Cause' it was hot, and that nigger was a-sweatin' on my groceries! Repeat Chorus Verse 4: The vegetable and greens I bought started wilting My blood pressure rose, and I could have killed him! I was gonna smash him all over that place, But he raised up his arm, and I fell on my face! Now I'm here in the hospital, and at the ceiling I stare, I could have whipped that nigger, except he used germ warfare! So from now on, I'll carry a long, long stick, Cause if I keep from the smell, then I'll have him licked! Repeat Chorus
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