John Roco

The Lords Prayer(Chords)

John Roco

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Key: Cm

Cm             Fm      Bb 
Our Father who Art in Heaven 
 Fm              Eb 
Hallowed be Thy Name 
             Bb                Ab 
Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done 
    Cm               Ab Cm 
On Earth as it is in Heaven 
Ab                    Cm    G 
Give us this day our daily bread and 
  Fm                G 
forgive us our trespasses 
          Cm             Bb      Fm  Cm 
as we forgive those who trespass against us 
     Fm              G     
And lead us not into temptation 
     Ab              Cm 
but deliver us from evil 


         Fm                        Bb 
For the Kingdom the Power and the Glory 
Fm                 Eb 
are yours now and forever, 
     Bb           Ab  Cm 
and forever, and forever. 
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