John Prine

Unwed Fathers(Chords)

John Prine

Key: G
          G                  C         G       C  
         In an Appalachian, Greyhound station  
                        G        D           G  
         She sits there waiting, in a family way  

                           C          G         C  
         'Goodbye brother, Tell Mom I love her'  
                       G       D              G  
         'Tell all the others, I'll write someday'  

G C G From an teenage lover, to an unwed mother D kept undercovers, like some bad dream G C G C While unwed fathers, they can't be bothered G D G They run like water, through a mountain stream
G C G C In a cold and grey town, a nurse say's 'Lay down' G D G 'This ain't no playground, and this ain't home' C G C Someones children, out having children G D G in a grey stone building, all al-one (Chorus) G C G C Some where else bound, Smokey Mountain Greyhound G D G She bows her head down, humming lullabys C G C 'Your daddy never, meant to hurt you ever' G D G 'he just don't live here, but you've got his eyes' (Chorus)

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