John Prine

That's The Way The World Goes Round(Chords)

John Prine

Key: F
F Bb F C 
F Bb F C F 

W(F)ell I know a guy that's got a lot to lose, 
He's a p(Bb)retty nice fella, kinda confused. 
He's got m(F)uscles in his head ain't never been used, 
He thinks he owns half of this t(C)own. 
St(F)arts drinkin' heavy, gets a big red nose, 
(Bb)Beats his old lady with a rubber hose 
Then he t(F)akes her out to dinner, buys her new clothes, 
That's the w(C)ay that the world goes 'r(F)ound. 

Th(F)at's the way that the world goes 'round, 
You're (Bb)up one day, the next you're down, 
It's h(F)alf inch of water, but you think you're gonna drown, 
That's the way that the w(C)orld goes 'r(F)ound. 

F Bb F C 
F Bb F C F 

(F)I was sittin' in the bathtub, a-countin' my toes, 
When the (Bb)radiator broke, the water all froze. 
I got (F)stuck in the ice, without my clothes, 
Naked as the eyes of a cl(C)own. 
I was (F)crying those ice cubes, hoping I'd croak, 
When the (Bb)sun came through the window, the ice all broke. 
I (F)stood up and laughed; I thought it was a joke, 
That's the (C)way that the world goes 'ro(F)und. 

Repeat Chorus: 

F Bb F C 
F Bb F C F 

Repeat Chorus: 

That's the way that the (C)world goes 'ro(F)und, 
That's the way that the (C)world ......goes 'r(F)ound. 
F Bb F C F 

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