John Prine

Lake Marie(Chords)

John Prine

Key: G
G      C     D    G      C     D 

We were sta{G}nding 
{D}Standing by peaceful wa{G}ters 
{D}Standing by peaceful wa{G}ters 
{C}Whoa Wah Oh {D}Wha {G}Oh 
   C      D       G 

Play the following pattern throughout 
G      C     D    G 

Many years ago along the Illinois-Wisconsin Border 
There was this Indian tribe 
They found two babies in the woods 
White babies 
One of them was named Elizabeth 
She was the fairer of the two 
While the smaller and more fragile one was named Marie 
Having never seen white girls before 
And living on the two lakes known as the Twin Lakes 
They named the larger and more beautiful Lake Lake Elizabeth 
And thus the smaller lake that was hidden from the highway 
Became known forever as Lake Marie 

{Repeat Chorus} 

Many years later I found myself talking to this girl 
Who was standing there with her back turned to Lake Marie 
The wind was blowing especially through her hair 
There was four italian sausages cooking on the outdoor grill 
And they were ssssssssizzlin' 
Many years later we found ourselves in Canada 
Trying to save our marriage and perhaps catch a few fish 
Whatever came first 
That night she fell asleep in my arms 
Humming the tune to 'Louie Louie' 
Aah baby, We gotta go now. 

{Repeat Chorus} 

The dogs were barking as the cars were parking 
The loan sharks were sharking the narcs were narcing 
Practically everyone was there 
In the parking lot by the forest preserve 
The police had found two bodies 
Nay, naked bodies 
Their faces had been horribly disfigured by some sharp object 
Saw it on the news  The tv news in a black and white video 
Do you know what blood looks like in a black and white video? 
Shadows, Shadows that's what it looks like 
All the love we shared between her and me was slammed 
Slammed up against the banks of Old Lake Marie  Marie 

We were sta{G}nding 
{D}Standing by peaceful wa{G}ters 
{D}Standing by peaceful wa{G}ters 
W{C}hoa Wah {D}Oh Wha {G}Oh 
W{C}hoa Wah {D}Oh Wha {G}Oh 
W{C}hoa Wah {D}Oh Wha {G}Oh 
Pe{C}aceful waters 
St{G}anding by peaceful waters 
 C       D 
Aah b{G}aby, w{C}e gotta go now 
G    C     D    G 

(Repeat and Fade....) 

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