John Prine

It's A Big Old Goofy World(Chords)

John Prine

Key: G
G                  C 
Up in the morning, work like a dog 
   D                          C         G  
Is better than sitting like a bump on a log 
G                         C 
Mind all your manners, be quiet as a mouse 
     D                               C        G 
Some day you'll own a home that's as big as a house 
I know a fella, he eats like a horse 
Knocks his old balls 'round the old golf course 
You oughta see his wife, she's a cute little dish 
She smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish 
G There's a big old goofy man C Dancing with a big old goofy girl D Ooooh baby D G It's a big old goofy world
Now elvis had a woman with a head like a rock I wished I had a woman that made my knees knock She'd sing like an angel and eat like a bird And if I wrote a song, she'd know ever single word Chorus Instrumental break Kiss a little baby, give the world a smile And if you take an inch, give 'em back a mile Cause if you lie like a rug and you don't give a damn You're never gonna be as happy as a clam I'm sitting in a hotel, tryin' to write a song My head is just as empty as the day is long Why it's clear as a bell, I should have gone to school I'd be wise as an owl, 'stead of stubborn as a mule Chorus Ooooh baby - it's big old goofy world

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