John Evans Band

This Honky Tonk Life I Lead(Chords)

John Evans Band

Key: E

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        E                                                 A                 E 
Well I'm tryin not to think about the consequences of this honky tonk life I lead 
         E                                              F#                   B7 
Yeah the beer drinking, hell raiswing, two timing women ain't exactly what I need 
       E                                   A              E 
Oh but I've been known to tie one on, I'll drink before I feed 
  E                      C#                   F#         B7     E 
A lost love, a longneck, steel guitars is the honky tonk life I lead 
C# F# Oh this honky tonk life I lead is gonna be the death of me B7 I keep playing my guitar in these beatup bars, usually I play for free C# F# Oh, but one day I'll be a star but for now I'll keep picking my old guitar E C# F# B7 E And an ice cold beer is all I need, it's the honky tonk life I lead
Now there's a beer joint down in Houston that's called Blanco's Bar and Grill Yeah they serve em up tight every Thursday night trading whiskey for a dollar bill Man you ain't gotta worry 'bout a place to stay even if you have no friends You just two step your way to the trailer outside, you're welcome at the Stumble Inn Chorus
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