John Davey

Burning And Bright(Chords)

John Davey

Key: A

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A Bm E E7 A E 
A Bm E E7 A E 

verse 1 
A                   Bm 
Every day is 90 the thunder and the lightning 
    E              E7       A   E 
The Boys consuming fire and ice 
    A                            Bm 
I?m told we?re held by Jesus but who is he to squeeze us 
    E             E7              A     E 
And who are we to think that he?s nice? 

     C#m          Bm 
When downtown the crowds gather ?round 
   C#m                   D 
To march in the summer parade 
      Bm                    E   E7 
Which will be rained on the day might?ve been won 
   A           A/F           F#m 
If not for the songs to be sung 
          Bm            E                         A 
Keep your head up while we are still handsome and young 

A F#m Bm6 Bm6/9 Bm6 D Bm E 

verse 2 
A                                Bm 
Meanwhile I just listened to the rain fall from the kitchen 
      E          E7           A     E 
Where I could?ve had you last night 
    A                        Bm 
You dreamed of salvation and I of education 
    E                E7          A    E 
And of the bits that fell out my mind 

Bm                             E               E7 
Somehow I?m still passing up a warm kiss and a coffee cup 
    A              A/F           F#m 
And goldmines that might?ve been gained 
          Bm                           E                                A 
Keep your hand to the plow while we?re young and we?re strong and we?re brave 

A F#m Bm6 Bm6/9 Bm6 D 

     C#m              Bm 
When holy hands won?t touch themselves 
C#m                     D     A F#m 
I know some others that might 
          Bm              E                        A 
Keep your eyes open while we are still burning and bright 

A C#m Bm7 Bm6 G# A

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