John Cale

Sylvia Said(Chords)

John Cale

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Key: G
Intro: G  F  G  F  G  G7 

C            Em   Am             G     
Wish I could sail in a big black boat 
F                C         G 
With a big white sail over me 
C               Em    Am             G     
And once in the while I'd pull into port 
F          C           G 
Drink some wine with a girl 

F C F C But Sylvia said come to bed F C Dm G C It's so good to have you here
Sometime ago, when time past so slow Too weak to know where to go But now thinking back on what strikes me the most Is I've made up my mind long before Chorus So I'll cope with you, don't cope at all So let's leave it all to the chef Please send my regrets in case I forget To PO Box nobody home Chorus ___________________ by: Josť Duarte [email protected]
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