John Cale

Over Her Head(Chords)

John Cale

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Key: A
Intro:  A  C  A  C  A 

         Bb                           C 
She sees flames in the kitchen it's a vision of hell 
      D                                  Bb  C  D    A  C  A  C  A  
And a sign that madam is not feeling well 

Like the pigeons in the yard she's getting fat on starch 
She's cooking for sailors and combing her hair in the dark 

E              F           E         F 
She loves everybody she'll even love me 
E                    F              D           
When I'm born in the traffic on the rolling seas 
      Bb C        D           Bb C        D   
She's in over her head, she's in over her head 

It's either the pairing of the woman on the floor above 
Or long static shots of half naked men in the desert 

She loves everybody ... 

by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected] 
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