Joey & Rory

Born To Be Your Woman(Chords)

Joey & Rory

Key: G

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Capo on 2nd fret

G                         D 
you're my man and im your woman 
          Cadd9          D 
where you lead me i will go 
       G             D 
i will stand, strong beside you 
          Cadd9                   D 
no matter how hard the wind might blow 

    C              G 
our love will last forever 
          C             Em D 
like this diamond on my hand 
            G                D 
cause i was born, to be your woman 
           Cadd9 D         G    E 
and you were made to be my man 

           A             E 
you're the breath, in my body 
           D                 A   E 
you're the blood thats in my hands 
           A                   E 
you're my strength, when i grow weary 
           D              E 
you're my shelter when it rains 

    D              A 
our love will last forever 
          D              F#m E 
like this golden wedding band 
               A              E 
cause you were born, to be my woman 
          D               A 
and i was made to be your man 

A E D A E A E D E 

       D            A 
we are bound by god forever 
      D                F#m E 
we're part of a bigger plan 
            A               E 
cause i was born to be your woman 
          D        E         A E A 
and i was made, to be your man

Written by Heidi Feek/Rory Feek/Joey Martin

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