Joey Cape

Me The Witness(Chords)

Joey Cape

Key: Dm

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 Dm        Em            F         B        A  
Would you say that your life is strange? 
 G       Am       A 
?Wisdom, pain and flow? 
 B           Dm         Em           F          B     A  
All that I know is the sense of the gun in my face? 
 G            A         A#   C  
And I cannot trust them anymore? 
 Dm                      F            C  
Pen again, identity, we repent and retreat 
 Dm                      F                  C  
?Author of your sympathy has had enough to drink? 
 Dm             B  
I cannot down another truth? 
 C                    B  
The story has to end before its all pretend? 
With no more to transcend 

F Dm ??Im coming home to life unknown? B C F Without the records or the milestones F Dm ?And they are terminus roads lined in black rose? B C#m F The grave remembrances of people that Ive known? A D B F A D B Me the witness??
Verse Dm Em F B A Sew the doll in a mourning deadfall G Am A ?Call him stitch puppy B Dm Em F B A ?All that I see is the look of the knife in your back? G A A# C Which I could have tracked and foreseen? Dm Stitch and bind in record time? F C No more than a crease? Dm Sticking to the long goodbye F C ?Guide them through their grief? Dm B F C The avatar of empty is some cold comforting? B And I could help you mend C ?But I dont want to pretend??
F Dm Im staying home but not alone B C F ?I have a backbone fused from the headstones? Dm And I am terminus, deafened to their tones B C#m F ?The grace vibrations and sound hollows Ive known? A D B F A D B Me the witness

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