Joey Cape

Love Story(Chords)

Joey Cape

Key: G

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Capo on 1st fret

G               D            E 
maybe its not funny but its true 
D                           C 
No one here's surprised but you 
G                    D              E 
Embellish it, the truth is your a slave 
D                         C          D 
Addicted to it's escalating 
                   G               B 
And your love story's............. bad 
D                               C            D 
Drama makes you livid and the nervous always laugh 
       G           B 
I'm fresh out of advice 
      E                D            C 
And sick of standing in this harms way 


  G            D          E 
Inter-state, in-debate, An impasse 
  D                       C 
Driving out the hope and gas 
 G                 D             E 
Arriving at the same mute conclusion 
This destination failure 

   C        D 
This is going, going 
 G        B  
Nowhere slow 
D                           C          D 
Drama is exhausting and I'd rather be alone 
G               B 
I want better friends 
     D                          D....... 
I'm sick of giving in to harms way 

And so are they 

Em B G A C B E    the B is a slow note sweep 

 E                C                    A           D  
Sick of being around something that's destined to fail 
          C                G      B 
And the sume of its parts cannot see 

              E   B  
They make me hate life 
C     A  
hate Friends 
C     D  D   D 
hate be-ing-there... 

   G                  D             E 
I know that it's not funny but it's true 

D                       C 
No one gives a shit but you 
                   (FUCK YOU)    
G                  D               E  
Maybe I'll just swallow all these thoughts 

   D                  C 
Maybe someday you'll stop

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