Joey Cape

I Must Be Hateful(Chords)

Joey Cape

Key: C

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I can't make the damn phone ring  

It's simply pathetic if I call you anymore  
Am                         F  
I can't figure it now We tallied our scores  
I got knocked out I know when you come to town  

I know where you drop your dime and whom it's for  
Am                            F                      A7/C                      C  G C  
  But I'm not good enough to share our cup of coffee 15 years was long enough  
G           Am        E  
Look at me I'm an old colleague  
F                       G  
Another hard knocks day acquaintance  
C    G          Am      E  
Finally you are free of me  
 F                         G  
It must be true it only makes sense  
 F        G         C  
But it's always my fault  
C                G  
Always it's your forgiveness  
     C                        A7/C   
This unbalanced resolve I must be hateful  
F      G          C            G      F  
So I hang up the phone ONLY a small sacrifice  
G                 C  
You still hear me now Dear you the vinyl it was blue  

Stalking poor Blake commiserating drunks at sea  
Am                   F  
Do you remember when Jawbreaker rocked 'The boat'?  
             C             C G C G    
I'm sure you do and don't      Look at me  
Am             E            F                G  
I'm an old fly buddy Just a blue coach class acquaintance  
C       G       Am      E             F                        G  
Finally you are free of me It must be true'cause it only makes sense  
F       G           C                         F  
I can still see you now Pictures are in every town  
        G            C            A7/C        F  
I can still write it down 'I must be hateful'  
        G           C             A7/C        F     G   Am   G        F  
I can hang up the phone Even at those lofty heights You still hear me now  


Written by Joey Cape

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