Jesus Culture

You Are My Passion(Chords)

Jesus Culture

Key: F#m

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Verse 1: 
     I?m alive to bring glory to You, King 
F#m                         E 
     God of victory, You are my passion 
     It?s in the way You are, You don?t change at all 
F#m                                      E 
     Great and humble God, You are my passion 

       Dmaj7              F#m      A 
My strength in life is I am Yours 
     Dmaj7                       F#m      A 
My soul delights because I am Yours 

       Dmaj7              F#m                  E 
Your will on earth is all I?m living for     (only into Chorus) 

A A/C# D F#m A/C# D Je - sus, I glorify; Je - sus, my love is Yours A/C# D F#m A/C# D E You are my heart?s desire; I live to know You more
Verse 2: Dmaj7 Light that breaks the darkness, showing what true love is F#m E Always full of goodness, You are my passion Dmaj7 You never do me wrong, the meekest Man, but strong F#m E The most perfect song, You are my passion

Written by Jesus Culture

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