Jessica Andrews

Good Time(Chords)

Jessica Andrews

Key: G
Intro: G 
       G  Em  C (x2) 
G                  D           
Guess it's written on my face 
Em             C 
God, I get so sick of this place 
G        D          Em              Bb-D 
I gotta get up, get out, and get a life 
G                       D                         
The days run long, the nights too short 
Em                C 
Not much time for me no more 
A7                 C   A7                C  
And I'm well over due, so now I'm going to 

Let my hair down and bleach it blonde 
Turn the ringer off and the engine on 
       C               D                 G  Bb-D          
'Cause I can't wait to get to the good time 
Yeah just one stop at the ATM 
Grab a hundred bucks and a real good friend 
C                D                  Em  A     
Pack it up, and take a load off my mind 
       Bb               C               G (Em 2nd chorus) 
'Cause I can't wait to get to the good time 
G  Em  C (x2) 
G               D 
Me and my baby get along  
      Em                   C 
Got a lot of love, got it goin' on 
G           D         Em         Bb-D 
I wouldn't let go not for anything 
             G                      D  
But there's somethin' bout how the highway feels 
          Em                   C 
When you drive along on your freedom wheels 
A7                 C      A7                C  
You know any destination will kill the frustration  
Em            B       
Just for the weekend 
G                   A       C  
Let's jump off the deep end....I'm going to 
A   =   x02220 
A7  =   x02020 
B   =   x24442(bar chord) or xx4442 
Bb  =   x13331(bar chord) or xx3331 
C   =   x32010 
D   =   xx0232 
Em  =   022000 
G   =   320003   

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