Jessica Andrews

Cowboy Guarantee(Chords)

Jessica Andrews

Key: A
A                               Asus 
There were signs all over town, come see the rodeo 
When I saw those fairground lights shining, 
    A            E 
I knew I had to go 
A                                 Asus          
There were bulls and wild horses, barrels and clowns 
D                                       A            E       
Rhinestones and glitter sparkling, and cowboys all around 
              F#m          D          E 
But there was one, that I never will forget 
        A E       F#m                         
He was wild, as a tumble weed rolling, 
 D                A             E 
Restless like a river running free 
             A   E         F#m   
And when he smiled, I knew my heart would be broken 
He was gonna leave that's the cowboy guarantee 
That night we got together, we drove out to the lake 
Beneath the stars and Texas moonlight,  
I gave my heart away 
But you can't tame a river, and I wouldn't want to try 
Cause it was worth all the hurtin to know that for one night 
I was loved, like I'd never been before 
          A             E              F#m             D 
'Cause a cowboy is a cowboy, and he's always gonna be 
                         A  E  F#m  D                        
That's the cowboy guarantee 
                         A  E  F#m  D            
That's the cowboy guarantee 
A E F#m D   (repeat and fade) 

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