Jean Oliveira

My Lost Star(Chords)

Jean Oliveira

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Key: G
G             D 
I need to find you 
Em                           C 
But where you are I do not know 
G                     D 
So I see you I lose myself to 
G                      D 
Your voice within me not out 
G          D  Em C 
Can not forget 

G        D 
My lost star 
Em                    C 
forget you was what could not 
G              D 
I'll wait for life 
Em                  C 
And I will always love you (2x) 

G                  D 
The first time I saw you 
Em                  C 
I immediately thought I was in love 
G                 D 
So I tell you something 
Em                      C 
Do not care about what happens 
G        D     Em C 

I'll find you 

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