Jaycob Curlee

Sleeping To Dream(Chords)

Jaycob Curlee

Key: G

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G Bm G D  
G Bm Em F# D 

verse 1 
  D            A 
There you lay fast asleep 
And your heart begins to beat 
D      G  
To the rhythm of mine 
         D                           A 
And that moment theres nothing I can say 
It seems as though my words 
                 Em              G 
Won't get in the way this time   
G A D A Bm And I don't want to open up my eyes G A Because the only place that you love me D A Bm Is in my dreams Em A D And I don't want to lose you once again
verse 2 D A It's been so long since I've held you in my arms Bm D G But I still remember the taste of your lips D A And I still wonder do you look up at the moon Bm G And remember all the promises I swore to you
G A And I've been so lonely without you here D A Bm It's the reason for all of these tears Em A G And I don't want to lose you once again
Bridge G A G Tears stream down my face A G And I can't seem to catch my breath A D A Bm Because I know I'll never hold you in my arms Em Like I did before A D And I don't want to lose you again Outro G D G D A D

Written by Jaycob Curlee/Jonathon Eley

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