Jay and The Americans

This Magic Moment(Chords)

Jay and The Americans

Key: C
           C         Am                                                  
This magic moment so different and so new    
             F           G 
Was like any other until I kissed you 
            C           Am 
And then it happened it took me by surprise  
                F                  G 
I knew that you felt it too by the look in your eyes 
Sweeter than wine (sweeter than wine)  
Softer than a summer night  
                     (softer than a sumer night) 
             C                      G 
Everything I want I have whenever I hold you tight 
           C                 Am                                              
This magic moment while your lips are close to mine  
             F        G                    C 
Will last forever  forever till the end of time    
              Am                    F                        G 
whoa  oh  oh  oh  oh  Whoa  oh  oh  oh  oh    Whoa  oh  oh   oh 
(Horns {or guitar} play one line:  C Am F G sort of a military beat) 
Repeat Chorus, fade out with whoa oh'sSubmitted by Doug Morris, [email protected] 

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